What are actually games Hacks/Cheats?

Game Hacks

We’ll try to be detailed as we can here and try to explain so everyone can understand it. Not just some geeks who have knowledge in programming and software developing.

So game hacks are applications created in purpose to cheat normal functioning game system. When we talk about mobile games (Android/iOS/Windows phone etc.) then in most cases it’s about generating various resources such as coins, gems or other currencies depending on a game.

How does this process work?
Manipulating with amounts of game resources takes a lots of hard work to achieve. The fist time you do it is most hardest one, for example when you try to hack your first game from SuperCell (Or some other game distributing company). Each other game from same publisher is a piece of cake, since you already hacked their database you have a loophole from which you hack other games too.

It requires to be skilled in lots of programming languages to be able to make games cheats. Since they’re made in these languages too, like C, C#, C++, Python, Java and other ones. In beginning it’s pain in the as* really until you get used to it and gain some experience. But lately it becomes a fun, and you do it because you love it. To test your skills, and it helps in developing intelligence too 🙂

When you finally succeed to hack certain game, then comes even hardest part and that is keeping that hack alive and running. Keeping it updated. Means if game gets some new update and changes inside, your cheat needs to adapt to it too and continue to work. For this you gotta make your tool undetected from game’s security checking system. This is the most hardest part in all this. You gotta know how encryption-decryption works which requires highly skilled knowledge in programming languages. Only true best hackers are able to do this and keep their projects running for long time. And this is what is so addictive in all this. It’s a “cat and mouse” game mostly, and it’s pretty fun, for some of us.

Hope you now understand what really game cheats/hack tools are, and why we do it (This will only true geeks understand haha) 🙂

Thanks for reading guys! Now grab your favorite game’s cheat and let’s enjoy dominating competition!

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