King of Thieves Hack – Cheats App (Orbs Generator)

Hi everyone! This time we’re talking about the King of Thieves Hack, cheats application which is a generator for Orbs (The main resources in this game).
Tool is supported for mobile phones and desktop devices. Operating systems include Android (Apk), iOS, Windows and Mac OS X. You don’t have to choose which version of the app to download as download link will automatically redirect you depending of device you’re using at that moment.

King of Thieves is a smartphone made game which genre is a blend of PVP multiplayer and platformer. Extremely addictive for every age because of its innovative features which will make you play it for long time and make new online friendships from millions of players all around the world.
The main goal in this game is to become a wealthiest thief among others. And to reach this you gotta be very smart and creative, because this is why this game is so addictive. By playing it longer your skills becomes better and you learn different methods and ways to steal something and how to trick other players and make them fail on your traps. Yes that’s possible!
You can join with other thieves into guilds and then make loots and treasures even faster.

Resources in this game are Orbs (Blue gems) which are main and most powerful currency in KoT and with them you can buy other resources: Keys (lock picks) and Gold (coins).
We developed Orbs Generator tool only because if you have these you can easily buy other resources with them.

This is our cheat tool:
King of Thieves Hack

* Works on Android|iOS|Windows|Mac

> Download:

Tool can be downloaded from:
> (copy-paste link in your browser)

– How to Use it? (Instructions step by step):
1. Get the app from download page linked in paragraph just above.
2. Double click (tap) to start installing hack. Wait until done then run it.
3. In the numeric bar option, set your desired amount of Orbs you’d like to generate in your account.
4. Press the button to start, wait a moment until process is finished and then… All done! You can continue playing the game wealthier then ever! 🙂

Anti-Ban Protection Integrated Inside!
You don’t have to worry about getting banned from game’s server as we made sure our cheats tool bypass all of security verification process. It has latest technology proxy-system added inside which spoofs your connection and making your game account fully safe while using our software.

Now when you know everything, time to enjoy! Get yourself the King of Thieves Hack right away and make yourself wealthiest burglar ever!

(* Didn’t play KoT before? Get it from Google Play or iTunes now! )

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