Clash of Kings Hack – Cheats Tool (Gold Generator)

We are presenting you the Clash of Kings Hack, cheats tool which is created in purpose to generate desired amount of currencies (Gold, Wood, Food, Iron & Mithril) in this game.

CoK is an online multiplayer (RTS) fantasy genre game made for Apple iOS and Android (Apk) devices. Such in any other strategy mobile phone type game, your goal is to win in war using best combination of warriors with equipped weapons, magics and battle plan. You have your base as well when you can build all kind of buildings to protect it from enemies and providing best defense for your army as possible. Game world where all actions are based is called “Seven Kingdoms”. Pretty addictive and interesting game with some innovative play features and nice graphics and sound effects. Any fan of this genre would enjoy the game for sure.

This is how the app looks like:
Clash of Kings Hack

This is Windows program screenshot, but the tool is also made for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

– Download:

You can get the app on this page:
> (copy-paste link in your browser)

Link will automatically redirect you depending on which device you use.

– How to use it (Instructions):
As software’s graphic interface is made pretty user-friendly so there should be no problems for anyone to get used to it, here comes some tips for those who need help.

1. Download the cheat tool from the link added in paragraph above.
2. Install the app on your device. If you use Windows then first extract the setup file from .zip archive, then run the exe.
3. When the app is opened, now chose your desired amounts of resources you’d like to generate. And when you’re done just press the button at the bottom of program, wait a moment until the process is complete and viola! Enjoy the goods 🙂

– 100% Anti-Ban Protection!
With using this CoK Hack tool you account will always stay safe and can’t get banned “for cheating” like it can happen with some other resources generators of this type.
It uses special integrated proxy plugins which makes your connection fully undetected every time you use the tool.

You can try it right away and enjoy your free generated Gold to dominate your competition.

Thanks for reading and see you again in next post!

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