ChooChoo Heroes Hack – Gold Generator Cheats Tool

We’ve just done with working on ChooChoo Heroes Hack, generator cheats app for Gold (coins) which are main currencies in this mobile game.
This tool works for all machines (desktops and smartphones) with all popular operating systems; Android (Apk), iOS, Mac and Windows.

ChooChoo Heroes is a new high rated RPG genre game made for iOS and Android devices. It’s made to look like a retro style games from 90s and early 2000s and looks very nice while playing. You start game with elf character who just woke up from deep sleep and your goal is to rescue other ally heroes on your mission. On your way you’ll face various of enemies like monsters, warriors, dragons and such. There are harder boss fights as well which make game more challenged to play and addictive at same time.
RPG elements are included too while improving trough levels, such as upgrading your warriors with many unique weapons, armors and spells. There are over hundred of different characters to play with as well.

Main resources (currencies) are called Gold (coins) which you spend to buy weapons/armor, upgrading characters, unlocking features etc. This is a reason which motivated us to make the cheats tool you’re going to find by continuing reading the post.

Gold Generator screenshot:
ChooChoo Heroes Hack

> Download Tool at:

> (copy-paste link in your browser)

Instructions for Usage
1. Download the program from the link listed above.
2. Install the app on your device. (Windows & Mac desktop users – extract it from .zip archive first)
3. Double click (tap) to run the app.
4. Choose desired amount of Gold to generate to your game screen.
5. Press the button, wait until app finish its job and hasta-la-vista! Treasures are yours! Have fun now 🙂

Anti-Ban Protected!
Our tool is integrated with special protecting plugins which makes your account fully resistant from detecting as “cheating” game system. It automatically updates itself to adapt to any new updates of game when it gets released.

So that’s it players. Time to get the ChooChoo Heroes Hack now and make your journey never easier to finish. Enjoy and we wish you a lots of fun!

** NOTE: If you’d like us to update this tool to contain Fame (Stars) Generator as well please vote for it in comments below. If we see there are enough votes worth adding this option, we’ll update the hack for you. 🙂

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