About Us

Hello players! This website is created by two geeks and game lovers, Luke and David, who play video games for their whole life, but enjoy other computing stuff too, such as programming, hacking and web development.

Years of our coding knowledge and skills motivated us to create this place and combine our two main passions; gaming and programming into one. That’s why we decided to make these cheats and hacks applications as a contribution of our work, to help players all around the world to enjoy games even more and have more freedom while playing.

Our main projects here are hacks for smartphone games (Android, iOS, Windows phone) platforms since these are most popular ones people play today whenever they want and wherever, since they’re running it on mobile phones. We will do cheats for other platform games as well in near future, including desktops and consoles. But for now since we don’t have that mush time for doing both, we do mobile games only.

All apps we make are not hosted at this website due to legal laws in our country (UK). You can see download links are pointing to our ally website Hackmegame.com. But you don’t need to be worry about that since owners of HackMeGame are our long time friends and work together on many other online projects as well.

We’re glad if you enjoy our tools, which motivates us a lot to continue making them.
If you’re in need for some specific game hack you play and it’s not yet including here on our site, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to make it for you and list it here!

See you around and have fun!